Friday, February 28, 2014

Seasons of Time "Closed Doors to Open Plains"

Country:  Germany
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelProgressive Promotion Records
Release date: February 2014
01. An Overture in my Head
02. Expectations I
03. Someone
04. Bite the Bullet
05. Closing Doors
06. Burning Bridges I
07. Fuzz & Buzz
08. A Step Ahead Behind
09. The Station at the Border of the Mind
10. Expectations II
11. You’re Not Needed Anymore
12. There are Times
13. Ignorance
14. Expectations III
15. Burning Bridges II
16. Wide Open Plains

Dirk Berger: Bass, Keyboards and additional Guitars and Vocals
Malte Twarloh (K-ly Bell): Vocals,  Guitars and additional Keyboards
Florian Wenzel: Guitars
Marco Grühn: Drums
Kelly Bell (K-ly-Bell): Additional Voice
Pete Harrison: Horns on Track 12

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