Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artificial Brain "Labyrinth Constellation"

Country: USA
Sub GenreTech/Extreme Progressive Metal
LabelProfound Lore Records
Release dateFebruary 18, 2014
1. Brain Transplant (2:38)
2. Absorbing Black Ignition (5:23)
3. Wired Opposites (3:14)
4. Worm Harvester (3:54)
5. Frozen Planets (4:08)
6. Orbital Gait (4:12)
7. Bastard Planet (3:12)
8. Labyrinth Constellation (4:48)
9. Hormone's Echo (6:37)
10. Moon Funeral (7:01)

Will Smith - Vocals
Jon Locastro - Guitar
Dan Gargiulo - Guitar
Samuel Smith - Bass
Keith Abrami - Drums

It’s remarkable how the songs, while slippery and skronky, overall barrel forward in a largely straightforward blasting manner. In a sense, it gives you a taste of death metal filtered through a Gorguts or Ulcerate lens, but never to the point where the song structures would be off-putting to less open-minded death metal fans. Artificial Brain’s innumerable transitions between black and death metal are seamless and impressive. Their mixed genre muddling of the two delivers in both deadly and depressing ways.
Sure, this is sci-fi influenced, but not in a cheesy way. Synths do not form the core of the empty void like the cosmos they conjure, as they only appear on the title track (as established in an interview I read). As the band have explained, the many other times when you think you might be hearing synth, it’s actually filters added to their voices/instruments. Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me!
To get an idea of what this sounds like,  imagine the structuring and discordance of Gorguts,  fuel that with black metal reminiscent of Deathspell Omega, and strain that output through a brutal Wormed-type assault. The resulting mixture is brutal, beautiful, bastardized, and altogether a bold effort that transcends the band’s influences to make an album that is both high octane and high art. Will Smith’s vocals are not the only thin that gives the album a disturbing Demilich feel from time to time as well.
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