Thursday, February 20, 2014

N.Tesla "Lux Manifesto"

Country: Russia
Sub GenrePost Metal, Ambient, Sludge
LabelLost Memories Records
Release dateFebruary 20, 2014
1.Ør-vænn 02:15
2.North. Spring. Aurora 06:19
3.Lux Manifesto 06:49
4.Determination Of Giants 04:57
5.Characters Drawn In Taupe 04:27
6.Megalodon 02:17
7.Here Speak Only The Birds 05:57

Dima - vox
Leo - guitar
Dima - guitar
Yura - drums
Nicky - samples

N.Tesla is a Russian Post-Metal band who have just released their stunning debut album – Lux Manifesto, which blends elements of ambient vibes, post-hardcore and crushing sludge metal riffs for one pulsating ride.
This is not your most straight-forward Post-Metal album as N.Tesla don't play by the rules. They add a strangely hypnotic feel to their music. It's very different to the likes of Isis, The Ocean and Neurosis and that is a very good thing indeed. As the band develop their own sound over the album's 34 minute running time.
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