Monday, February 2, 2015

Vola "Inmazes"

Country: Denmark
Genre(s)Progressive Math Metal/Rock
Release dateFebruary 2, 2015
  1. The Same War 05:10
  2. Stray The Skies 04:13
  3. Starburn 06:05
  4. Owls 05:51
  5. Your Mind Is A Helpless Dreamer 05:21
  6. Emily 03:01
  7. Gutter Moon 03:55
  8. A Stare Without Eyes 04:58
  9. Feed The Creatures 05:37
  10. Inmazes 07:29
Asger Mygind - guitar & vocals
Martin Werner - keys & programming
Nicolai Mogensen - bass
Felix Ewert - drums

..."Inmazes" casts the Copenhagen-based quartet as a band whose inspirations range from the weighty djent metal of Meshuggah, through both classic and modern prog virtues, and over into the dreamy domains of fellow Danes Mew. Abrupt guitar and bass patterns churn heavily in the bottom of their sound, always in exotic yet headbang-friendly rhythms, while gushing keyboards, synthesized glockenspiel and tapped leads create spacey, frosty, melodious layers on top. ...
Despite the progressive trappings of VOLA's overall sound, the band has opted for a nice compromise in their songwriting, carefully establishing recognisable signature riffs and an engaging verse/chorus format to start their songs off, only then veering of into extended guitar shenanigans and bridges in the last halves of the tracks, which tend to clock in around six minutes.
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