Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Below the Sun "Envoy"

Country: Russia
Genre(s)Post Metal, Black Metal, Doom
LabelTemple of Torturous
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 24, 2015
  1. Outward The Sky 11:09
  2. Cries of Dying Stars 08:23
  3. Alone 10:27
  4. Drift In Deep Space 15:28
  5. Breath of Universe 07:23
  6. Earth 06:29
Vacuum - Guitars
Quasar - Guitars, Addictive Vocals
Entropy - Vocals, Addictive Instruments
Lightspeed - Bass
Void - Drums, Overtone Singing, Addictive Instruments

You may have noticed that I left out any sort of classification of what kind of metal Below the Sun plays. This is intentional, to some degree. Terms like post-metal, funeral doom, and black metal may come to mind, but Below the Sun’s dark hybrid of majestic and delicate metal doesn’t particularly need to fit into any one box to be digested properly. Appropriately taut drumming nicely complements a handful of memorable leads on this album, which almost always linger over distorted chords. In fact, the feeling of echoing into infinity is present in most moments of Envoy, even when the pacing is moderate. Because of this, the album can get to be a bit repetitive at times, with the band doing what it does best constantly: creating an atmosphere of endless drifting. In a way, the repetition and isolation fit Voyager 1’s lonesome adventure through the stars. Eternal ambiance likely matches decades of floating across the void, and the relatively infrequent moments when vocals are thrown into the mix, they feel charged with the intensity of solar flares.
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