Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nordmann "Alarm!"

Country: Belgium
Genre(s): Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Avant Prog
Label9000 Records (vinyl), De Werf Records (CD)
FormatCD, vinyl
Release dateFebruary 19, 2015
  1. Alarm! - 7:25
  2. Pfut - 3:56
  3. El Niño - 4:55
  4. Ohm - 7:14
  5. Paling - 6:42
  6. Jumanga - 7:05
  7. Lights - 4:01
  8. Nightwork - 5:09
Edmund Lauret: guitar
Mattias De Craene: tenorsax
Dries Geusens: bass
Elias Devoldere: drums

Whilst I wish to stay clear of genres and classifications, I will say that Nordmann has more in common with the progressive freedom of King Crimson than most jazz ensembles out there. There’s also a fusion reminiscent of Miles Davis’ electric period but with more melody and intention. As such, it is hard for me not to be moved or jump up and down on my sofa like Tom Cruise.
Yes, I am that taken with this album! With the frenetic yet funky drumming; the hard, gruff bass; the eloquent saxophonics; and the progressive guitar … it would be hard for it not to move me. And yet move me it does with the complex time signatures, rollercoaster-like movement and intentional dynamics … Alarm! certainly ticks all my boxes.
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