Friday, February 13, 2015

The Black Codex "The Black Codex (Episodes 27-39)"

Country: Netherlands
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelFREIA Music
Format: CD
Release dateFebruary 13, 2015
1. Is There Anyone Here?
2. The Weasel's Theme
3. The Weasel And The Child
4. The City In The Sky
5. Rival minds
6. Arriving At The Northern Gate
7. Behind The Threshold Of Worlds
1. Silhouette In The Window
2. Immersion
3. The Hauntings Pt. I
4. The Hauntings Pt. II
5. …And the day will come
6. Seance

Christiaan Bruin (Chris, Sky Architect, Adeia, Mayra Orchestra) - keys, drums, guitars, bass, percussion, vocals
Tom Luchises - guitar
Simon Dubbeld - clarinet
Ken Kunita - bass clarinet
Annelies Rijk - violin
Ruben van Kruistum - cello

The Black Codex is a musical series made by Christiaan Bruin. It's concept is a unique one: during 2014 subscribers receive by email a newly composed and recorded piece of music every week, together with lyrics, drawings and other bonus features. In total there will be 52 episodes.
The whole series will be released on 4 double CD's, packaged in a mini-album sleeve. Together with the fourth part a box and a book will become available. The series of double CD's will be released quarterly and in April 2015 the whole box will be available. 
The Black Codex tells the story of a young man (Ezio) who sets out to draw a map of the world, from a wooden flying machine. However, from the moment he meets Lev, his plans go completely awry. Lev has a mysterious insight in the patterns in which people behave and is a master of secret plans and schemes. Lev involves Ezio in his quest for an ancient book called The Black Codex. They encounter all kinds of villains, secret societies and mythic characters.



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