Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hooffoot "Hooffoot"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelPaura Di Niente
Release dateFebruary 22, 2015
1. 1st Communique: Last Flight Of The Ratite (18:31)
2. 2nd Communique: Take Five, Seven, Six, Eight, And Nine (16:01)

Pär Hallgren - bass
Jacob Hamilton - drums
Joakim Jönsson - guitar
Bengt Wahlgren - keyboards
Ola Erikson - keyboards
Mikael Ödesjö - guitar
Gustav Sörnmo - trumpet
Ida Hallgren baritone - saxophone

The album features two long instrumental tracks highly inspired by Italian prog bands like PFM, Il ballet di bronzo.. Side A starts off with Last flight of the Ratite (18mins) and starts off with a nice long sax solo by Ida Hallgren and this leads into the next section where there is some great interaction between the keyboards and guitar players, while the bass line is leading the way. The middle section with these awesome swirling keys and cool bass just blew me away! I could continue to describe each movement in these complicated pieces but let’s just say that the band has amazing dynamics and fans of Italian 70s prog and jazz will love this. Amazing record and for sure one of my favorites this year… Fans of Diagonal will like these guys also. Side 2 starts off pretty mellow and tranced out with some nice flute and layers of melodies as the track grows.  This one also features a bit more horns with trumpet and sax and at least one theme that sounded really familiar. I should mention this was recorded 100% analog…. Sounds amazing.. (Scott Heller at writingaboutmusic.blogspot.dk)


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