Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sullen "Post Human"

Country: Portugal
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 10, 2015
  1. Devata 03:04
  2. Broken Path 05:18
  3. Redondo Vocábulo 03:19
  4. Ascend 03:07
  5. Become 07:06
  6. Exult 03:58
  7. The Mounder 07:22
  8. Placid 03:49
  9. The Purge 02:27
  10. Place of Time 04:20
  11. Tidal 03:08
  12. Engulf 05:13
André Ribeiro - guitars
César Teixeira - guitars, lead vocals
Guilherme Lapa - bass, back vocals
João Pereira - keyboards & synths, sound design
Marcelo Aires - drums & percussion, back vocals
Pedro Mendes - guitars, back vocals

After ‘Devata’ and ‘Broken Path’ it’s clear the range that this album will go through. Heavy riffing like Dream Theater to softer tones like Lunatic Soul, but dashes of even heavier metal, akin to Opeth. This is definitely progressive metal but should not be limited by that label alone. A song like ‘Ascend’ is enough to display that, in that whilst there’s not a lot obviously going on, there’s thought and emotion buried deep within these subtle tones. ‘The Mounder’ explores the amalgamation of all the influences in a tighter fashion to that of the start of the album.
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