Monday, February 9, 2015

Stonebringer "Those Winds"

Country: Greece
Genre(s)Progressive Metal, Post Metal
LabelM&O Music
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 9, 2015 (digital), February 28, 2015 (CD)
1. Rubin 07:53
2. Flesh and Bones 03:33
3. The Poet of Gold 04:12
4. Stonebringer 04:40
5. Pan 05:16
6. Dead Kid's Blues 07:44
7. Vrahnas 06:49
8. Depression (Offered to Carry Us) 07:44
9. Emerald 09:05

Fanis Tsougrianis Bass
Argyris Kyriakos Drums
Nick McAdasis Guitars, Vocals
Ilias Katsampalos Guitars, Vocals

Stonebringer’s debut album, titled “Those Winds”, delivers nine progressive, post metal songs.
"Those Winds” incorporates aggressive metal sounds with progressive rock vibes. Through the whole album, the heavy guitars, the interplay between the vocals and the technical rhythm section lead the way. Folk instruments along with female vocals often supplement the sound, creating a time-travelling essence.
By letting the songs grow in their own pace, Stonebringer unfold their musical stories and lyrics in a dramatic sequence that represents the spirit of their debut album.


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