Friday, February 6, 2015

Paint The Sky Red "Not All Who Wonder Are Lost"

Country: Singapore
Genre(s): Instrumental, Post Rock
Release dateFebruary 6, 2015
  1. To Everness 06:30
  2. While We Sleepwalk 06:55
  3. A Billet Doux 08:08
  4. Victory 10:35
  5. The Happy Ending Is You 11:15
  6. Beyond The Breeze 11:11
Nurazman Abdul Rahman
Nur Hakim Alim
Yasser Abd Wahab
Fahmi Jamal

In a fitting manner, Not All Who Wonder Are Lost takes you through a well-composed selection of lush soundscapes. ‘To Everness’ opens with a breezy mist of light subtle tones, then breaks into a steady run, like a gallop through the woods, fir trees racing by, the cool air fresh against your skin. ‘While We Sleepwalk’ continues the dreamy intro with its lushful and hopeful melodies while ‘A Billet Doux’ carries you with a steadily-building rhythm, and at its peak plunges into the motions of an enchanting dance, with breath-taking twists and dips, and twirls that sweep you off your feet. The aptly-named ‘Victory’ starts sombre and tense – a shot in the dark, war drums sounding in the deep; joy and euphoria follow, but laced still with the spectre of unease. With each composition Paint the Sky Red surrounds you with the lore of a tale anew, open-ended in its wordlessness yet visually evocative. The band never tells you their stories outright, but rather lets you discover them for yourself.
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