Friday, February 13, 2015

Frankenstein Rooster "The Nerdvrotic Sounds' Escape"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Instrumental Fusion, Progressive Metal, Funk
LabelScarlet Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 13, 2015
1. The Nerdvrotic Sounds' Escape - 4:11
2. Elektro Raptor - 3:18
3. The Spirit of Shawn (Lât in Metal) - 4:02
4. Beastly Dancing - 6:15
5. Walking Shred - 4:08
6. Mullog - 5:49
7. The Phantom of the 13th Orange - 5:15
8. Cthulhu Racing - 3:07
9. Flying in a Yoda's Dream - 4:13
10. Sevean Argagn Dance - 13:12

Raffaello "Rafahel" Indri - guitar, bass, keyboards
Camillo Colleluori - drums

Here's a fun little instrumental album from the duo that call themselves Frankenstein Rooster ... and The Nerdvrotic Sounds' Escape is their second release, out now on Scarlet Records. The music is very much rooted in heavy metal but with a healthy dollop of funk, jazz, and prog to go along with it.
The opening title track is a fun jazz-funk romp, as Indri lays some some addicting riffs over Colleluori's groove laden drum patterns, while both "Elektro Raptor" and "The Spirit of Shawn" (and ode to Shawn Lane perhaps?) feature some mind boggling lead guitar work from the Elvenking shredder. "Walking Shred" is another intense song, with Meshuggah styled riffs & rhythms , horror film sound clips, and dazzling lead guitar solos. "The Phantom of the 13th Orange" is glorious progressive metal, and "Cthulhu Racing" is another trip down funk avenue, highlighted by some screaming wah-wah soaked licks and irresistible rhythms. Star Wars fans & shred guitar lovers will get treated to the insane "Flying In A Yoda's Dream", and the 13-minute "Sevean Argagn Dance" brings a wealth of acoustic guitar & synth elements into the fray.
Plenty of variety, colors, and textures infiltrate The Nerdvrotic Sounds' Escape, ultimately resulting in a fun & enjoyable collection of instrumental rock & metal that will be of great interest to guitarists of all ages. (Pete Pardo at seaoftranquility.org)



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