Monday, February 9, 2015

Neodyme "La Signature du Temps"

Country: Canada
Genre(s)Progressive Rock, Jazz, Jazz-Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 9, 2015 (digital), March 28, 2015 (CD)
01 Fuite d'attention (Attention Leak) - 4:53
02 L'invasion (The Invasion) - 9:01
03 Le Jour de la Nuit (The Day of the Night) - 7:23
04 Effet Domino (Domino Effect) - 8:18
05 Dans L'oubli (Forgotten) - 6:18
06 En Orbite (In Orbit) - 14:50

Mathieu Boucher: Bass, trumpet, percussions and main vocal
Alexandre Champagne: Guitars, percussions and backing vocal
Daniel Giguère: Drums, percussions
Maryse Pepin : Piano, keyboards and traverse flute

Here is album number four for this French Canadian quartet and it’s a real winner. Their mostly instrumental music manages to blend together multiple melodies within layers of contrapuntal instrumentation giving their music a lively almost jaunty feel. Cascading guitar riffs interplay with rich keyboard runs that develop into hypnotic, groove-laced compositions. Then in not so subtle fashion the band stop and change musical direction with once again the guitar and keyboards trading lead lines. The vibe is rock one minute; jazz the next and then a blend of the two. Having listened to their first three albums somewhat recently, it was easy to see just how much more accomplished this new album is. There’s no question that any hesitancy or tentativeness that showed up in their early work has all but disappeared and the music on La Signature du Temps is without question their most well-rounded and accomplished work to-date. It really feels like Neodyme have solidified their sound here and it’s a prog lover’s dream. Plenty of delicate performances are contrasted with more crunchy and aggressive moments, but in either case the band avoid the extremes. The compositions also showcase plenty of minor notes and chords, building all kind of expectation that they proceed to masterfully resolve with some splendid major notes and chords. There is something really special about this album, something that’s really hard to put into words, but I’ll tell you this, listening to these fifty-minutes of music is a wonderful experience. I recommend you check out Neodyme.(Jerry Lucky)


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