Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tzantzas "Tzantzas"

Country: Argentina
Genre(s)Instrumental Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive Metal
Release dateFebruary 12, 2015
  1. Desierto del Poder 09:02
  2. Holograma 05:33
  3. Las Cuatro Dimensiones 04:34
  4. Big Bang 03:10
  5. Episodio Del Armagedon 05:44
  6. El Berraco 05:20
  7. Escucha La Luz 05:06
  8. Manú 06:33
  9. Trance 04:50
  10. Moebius 06:22
Elvio - Guitars
Leonardo - Bass
Fabián - Drums

“Tzantzas” has tracks like “Holograma” or “Las Cuatro Dimensiones” where you feel the guitar screaming, howling several Psych vibes and impressive Progressive rock influences. There are others where your inside pedulum will start working , such as the opening track “Desierto del Poder”, “Big Bang” or “Manú”, notably with this last one, an impressive punch of awesome music, really loved it.
By the end of the record, the psychedelic effects and tunes start growing, again with the help of this brilliant Progressive guitar work, creating tracks like “ El Berraco” ,  "Escucha la Luz" or “Trance/Moebius”.(roundtripp.tumblr.com)

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