Monday, February 2, 2015

Grand Tour "Heavy On The Beach"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Format: CD
Release dateFebruary 2, 2015
1: It's Come To This
2: The Grand Tour part 1
3: On The Radio
4: The Horn Of Plenty
5: Little Boy And The Fatman
6: Time Runs Out
7: Heavy On The Beach
8: The Grand Tour part 2

Hew Montgomery (ex-Abel Ganz): keyboards, bass, backing vocals
Joe Cairney (Comedy of Errors): vocals
Bruce Levick (Comedy of Errors): drums
Mark Spalding (ex-Comedy of Errors): guitar

The album opens with plenty of wonderful musical fanfare including what sounds like a pipe organ and grand symphonic level synthesizers setting the stage rather nicely for some excellent deep bass and powerful lead electric guitar. You tell from the opening that this will be a special album. The Joe Cairney's familiar voice opens the story, "Here I am sitting all alone. Down on the beach. No one to reach out a friendly hand. Just the empty sand. I can't believe this is how it was planned". A stark and powerful image full sounds that compliment. Synthesizers, deep bass and supporting vocal echoes to open the album with "It's Come to This".
Powerful and deep lead electric guitar opens "The Grand Tour Part 1". This over eight minute powerhouse epic delves deep into the emotions of a nuclear weapons build-up during the Post – World War II era. The fear was constant during this period especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although the fear became part of everyday life over time, you never knew when someone would push the button by mistake or on purpose. A new zenith of fear ensued after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a mad scramble for the nuclear warheads of the former Soviet Union began. To this day we do not know if all of those weapons were secured. The dark synthesizer music that surrounds Joe Cairney's vocals support that Cold War hysteria with dramatic effect.
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