Friday, February 6, 2015

Aura "Noise"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
LabelSpider Rock Promotion
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 6, 2015
  1. No Hatred - 5:01
  2. From Dust to Life - 5:24
  3. Behind My Eyes - 4:33
  4. Under Black Skies - 5:50
  5. Over the Ground - 3:55
  6. Silence in a Word - 6:26
  7. Dream of Memories - 4:48
  8. On the River of Time - 4:39
  9. Falling - 4:54
  10. The Distant World - 6:28
Giovanni Trotta - Lead & backing vocals & Drums
Angelo Cerquaglia - Bass Guitar
Giuseppe Bruno - Guitars
Francesco Di Verniere - Keyboards & Synths

The band's third studio album represents a substantial turning of sound from the previous "Deliverance", while retaining many of the elements that have always distinguished the band's sound.
The turning point, if we want to talk about turning, was determined primarily by the artistic maturity of the band members, now being able to master their art and know how to move skillfully among its many facets. This creates an enveloping disc, catchy and complex at the same time: you will seem to hear different influences within each listen, 70s rock to post rock, united in an amalgam of incredible arrangements, moving AURA to Pomp Prog and Art Rock Olympus, thanks to immediate and powerful songs with a complex harmonic structure and melody indeed. Who is already thinking to act as Styx, REO Speedwagon, Saga and Kansas, is not too out of the way ......
The lyrics are intimist, with referrals to socio-existential themes like war, the need for a more cohesive society and the need for a spiritual evolution of the self.
No Hatred
Behind My Eyes

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