Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Orosmoln "Heliocentric"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s)Post Rock, Progressive Rock
Release dateFebruary 4, 2015
  1. Hollow Earth 05:43
  2. Searching for Agartha 09:10
  3. A Smoky God 05:57
  4. In This House of Worship... 03:29
  5. ...I'm a Stone 04:48
  6. Pyramid Escape Plan 16:50
Anton Lord - all instruments

Orosmoln combines elements of post-rock, prog-rock and even a bit of metal on Heliocentric which adds up to a very satisfying and interesting listen. Heliocentric is a concept album of sorts which chronicles a journey to the centre of the earth and the music itself does have an adventurous and expansive quality to it. “Hollow Earth” kicks things off in a mellow fashion with the sounds of blowing wind and fuzzy-sounding mission control voice overs which immediately sets the mood for the adventure that is to follow. A simple keyboard melody and military-style drumbeat build the song to a crescendo of distorted guitar rhythms and frantic drumming with accents of flanger on the guitars and soft keyboard pieces enlarging the soundscape of the song further.
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