Monday, February 2, 2015

AudioPlastik "In The Head Of a Maniac"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Pop
LabelBad Elephant Music
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 2, 2015
  1. Leave The World Behind
  2. Tonight
  3. Bulletproof
  4. Over Now
  5. World Of Wonder
  6. The Sound Of Isolation
  7. It Matters So Much
  8. Leave Me Here
  9. Traveller
  10. Star
  11. Now
  12. John Doe
  13. Distant Skies
Dec Burke (Darwin's Radio, Frost) - Vocals, Guitars, solos on tracks 5 & 13
Richard West (Threshold, League of Lights) - Keyboards and background vocals
Simon Andersson (Pain of Salvation) - Guitars, Bass, Programming, Keyboards, solos on tracks 7 & 10

...the band claim to have produced an album that fuses metal and progressive music with a heavy dose of pop which, if true, could prove to be rather exciting indeed and has already got the music community salivating well before its official release.
Leave the World Behind is a short instrumental introduction that sets the scene with a clever use of tension that finds you holding your breath as it build to a climax and breaks directly into Tonight with a flourish. The introduction to this track is powerful and has the guitar, drums and keys all adding to the scene with a dramatic pop edge. Dec’s vocals begin earnestly, bleeding emotion and the build to the dynamic chorus is superb. There is a huge wall of sound as a background on which these musicians can paint their sonic canvas. Whilst having a definite mainstream rock feel to the song, the polished delivery and edginess that stays just out of sight give it a hell of a lot more and the piano and string effect towards the end is a masterstroke. The introduction to Bulletproof is staccato and edgy with incessant chords overlaying a crunching bass and drums to good effect. The vocals begin with a mysterious feel to them, patient before that frenetic instrumentation heralds another extremely catchy chorus where Dec’s vocal erupts into action. Hidden away in the background is a superb 80’s style bassline that Mark King would have been proud of, it’s little touches like this that abound and add another level of skill to the music. The harder edged instrumental sections are a nice foil to the stylish, pop led chorus and deliver another quality track.
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