Friday, October 2, 2015

Census Of Hallucinations "Nothing Is As It Seems"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Art Rock, Eclectic
Label: Stone Premonitions
Format: CD
Release date: October 2, 2015
1. Conspiracy Of Silence (5:39)
2. Elephant Elephant Elephant (6:37)
3. In Ruins (7:07)
4. Nothing Is As It Seems (5:30)
5. Faculty Of Mirrors (7:05)
6. Nautilus (7:49)
7. 95 To 5 (4:14)
8. He Who Can Manage Camels (9:05)
9. Brainless Ape (4:46)

Total time 57:52

Tim Jones - vocals
Kevin Hodge - electrified acoustic guitar
John Simms - guitar, guitar synth, keyboards, backing vocals, bass on "Nautilus"
Mark Dunn - bass & cello
Paddi - drums & percussion
Terri~B - backing vocals
Maxine Marten - backing vocals & percussion
James Jones - narration of his poem "Lost In The Lakes"
Barry Lamb - sax, synth & mellotron on "In Ruins"

The Stone Premonitions studio craftsmanship and attention to mix, stitch and arrangement detail is in full force as well, the result being the always impossible to pigeonhole CoH blend of Prog, Pop, Kosmiche, Jazz, Blues and Psychedelia. CoH excel at being wildly adventurous yet totally accessible.
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In Ruins
Brainless Ape 

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