Friday, October 23, 2015

Gazpacho "Molok"

Country: Norway
Genre(s)Art Rock, Progressive Rock
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateOctober 23, 2015
1 - Park Bench
2 - The Master's Voice
3 - Bela Kiss
4 - Know Your Time
5 - Choir of Ancestors
6 - ABC
7 - Algorithm
8 -Alarm
9 - Molok Rising

Jan Henrik Ohme - Vocals
Thomas Alexander Andersen - Keyboards
Jon Arne Vilbo - Guitars
Mikael Krømer - Violin and Mandolin
Kristian "Fido" Torp - Bass
Lars Erik Asp - Drums and percussion
Stian Carstensen - Accordion
Gjermund Kolltveit - Stones, moose jaws, flutes, stringed instruments, Skåra stone (9)

Across the album there are religious themes going head to head with modern day new science ideas and theories, Gazpacho’s Thomas Andersen states, ‘the album itself is about a man that sometime around 1920 decides that wherever anyone worships a God they always seem to be worshipping stone in some form. Whether it is a grand cathedral, the stone in Mecca or Stonehenge. God seems to have been chased by his worshipers into stone never to return. This harkens back to Norwegian folk myths where if a troll was exposed to sunlight it would turn to stone but it also reflects the way God has been incommunicado for a very long time.’
The band go on to say, ‘In a mechanistic view of the universe all events in the universe are a consequence of a previous event. This means that with enough information you should be able to calculate the past and the future and this is what he does. He names the machine ‘Molok’ after the biblical demon into whose jaws children were sacrificed because his machine crunches numbers. On solstice day he starts the machine and it quickly gains some form of intelligence as it races through history undergoing its own evolution.‘
Throughout ‘Molok’ the band focus on the idea that without God/a god to guide us, humanity is unsure of the meaning of life, that while we attempt to fill the void with other things we’ve still not found the answer and without a master to lean on we are very much alone in this universe.

Know Your Time

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