Friday, October 30, 2015

We Stood Like Kings "USSR 1926"

Country: Belgium
Genre(s): Instrumental, Post Rock, Progressive Rock, Soundtrack
LabelKapitaen Platte
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateOctober 30, 2015
1. Capital (7:42)
2. Downfall (4:00)
3. Siberian Taiga (6:25)
4. Are You A Master Too? (6:54)
5. Kremlin (6:40)
6. Immense Wealth (6:25)
7. Caravans (5:55)
8. Samoyedes (10:07)
9. The Black Sea (6:05)
10. . Icebreaker Lenin (5:45)
11. Volchovstroy (9:19)

Total Time 75:17

Judith Hoorens : piano, synths
Steven Van Isterdael : electric guitar
Colin Delloye : electric bass
Mathieu Waterkeyn : drums

Their arrangements force you to completely immerse yourself within each measure. So much that I would compare this album to the glory days of Pink Floyd in that it can change dynamics in an instant without losing the listener. It begs to be enshrined, vacuum sealed, cherished, and studied for the remainder of time as we know it. So that all future generations may know what is possible when we as humans can “plug” our hearts in and make music. What has come about from We Stood Like Kings has embedded itself within me as what Post Rock was, is, should be, and is bound to become. All future instrumental music will be forever changed as a result. All genres as a whole should take note. I am astonished at their ability to make the piano play so many different roles without succumbing to redundancy. Foundation melody, lead hook, and background ambience. I hear a careful dichotomy of opposing melody and symbiotic harmony.
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