Thursday, October 29, 2015

Res Gesta "Odissea"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD
Release date: October 2015
  1. Overture
  2. Guerra  
  3. Il giorno dopo
  4. Lotofagi
  5. Ciclope
  6. Circe
  7. Sirene
  8. Calipso
  9. Déjà vu
  10. Eolo
  11. Overture (Reprise) 
Enea Vezzali - drums
Luigi Cerasuolo - bass
Cesare Cavalli - guitar
Simone Muzzi - keyboards
Roberto Bergamini - vocals
Elizabetta Dell'Argine - backing vocals
Serena Pecoraro - backing vocals
Michela Pedrini - backing vocals
Andrea Cortesi - regia

The album is entitled Odissea and is a conceptual one, a sparkling rock opera with more than 73 minutes of good music and strong melodies... The beautiful, long opener "Overture" starts softly with an instrumental section for piano that could recall Goblin, then the rhythm takes off. In the night you're welcomed on board of a mysterious ship that is setting off on a journey across a raging sea, towards unknown lands where you will find war, ambiguities, unreality and ferocious ogres to deceive. You are troubled by your own fragility and you feel lost, you don't know what are you looking for... Who can save you?
 Read the full review by Andrea Parentin and listen to 2 tracks at italianprogmap.blogspot.it



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