Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gregoriev "When Death Comes"

Country: Poland
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
Release dateOctober 13, 2015
1. Letter (5:19)
2. Beauty (7:08)
3. Hollow Hand (6:18)
4. War (6:17)
5. When Death Comes (5:13)
6. Deceit (5:29)
7. Peace (6:23)

Total time 42:07

Grzegorz 'Gregoriev' Morawski -  guitars, keyboards, vocals and programming
Anna Sipko - chorus vocals (1, 2)

'Exploring new musical dimensions, Gregoriev turned to the darker side of rock and roll. He reached to where life boarders death, sanity meets madness and grief struggles with hope. As an inspiration served the great work by Jonathan Carroll, 'From the Teeth of Angels'. The novel tells about human beings forced to confront death, appearing in the forms none would ever expect. Experiences of the book's characters were the afflation for the melodies that created the 'When Death Comes' album tracklist.
The influences behind the first debut album of Gregoriev are to be found in different musical kinds. The delicate verses revive the memories of Nick Cave's ballads, clear and straight distorted chord progressions correspond with the rawness of Rammstein, disturbed pianos and strings remind of the dark and dreary achievements of classics like Type o Negative and Paradise Lost.  


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