Friday, October 16, 2015

So Hideous "Laurestine"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Orchestral Post Metal/Rock, Black Metal, Post-Hardcore 
Label: Prosthetic Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl 
Release dateOctober 16, 2015 (CD, digital), November 2015 (vinyl)
1. Yesteryear (7:31)
2. Here After (6:16)
3. Relinquish (6:30)
4. The Keepsake (5:14)
5. Falling Cedars (4:27)
6. The True Pierce (5:57)
7. A Faint Whisper (4:13)

Total time 40:08

Brandon Cruz - Guitar/Keys
Chris Cruz - Voice/Bass
Danny Moncada - Drums
Etienne Vazquez -Guitar
First Light Orchestra

Every aspect of the opening track, "Yesteryear," is the epitome of what the group represents: chaos complimenting melodies, unapologetic black metal screams, and a ravishing orchestral backing. Compositionally, the piece progresses in a wave of three dynamic peaks before steadily transitioning right into "Hereafter." A continual arpeggiated riff becomes coated in suspenseful layers of string accompaniments and percussion while the remaining minute is embellished in a whimsical atmosphere. The harmonies and rhythms within "Relinquish" flourishes in their unique pacing and thick coatings of choral chants.
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