Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bangbakc "Lot Lizards"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Stoner
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 31, 2015
1. The Theme To Lot Lizards (11:01)
2. Season 1: Things Feel Good Yeah (6:00)
3. Season 2: Scenes From My Tea Shop (4:47)
4. Commercial Break: Smokin' Joe's Crab Attack (8:27)
5. 010100010 (4:32)
6. Echocomplexities Part II (6:42)
7. Season 3: The Some Of The Parts (6:43)

Total time 48:12

Dylan Campbell - vocals, drums, acoustic guitar
Brill Ritter - vocals, bass, trumpet
Aaron Fowler Clark - vocals, guitar, synths
Dave Willey - accordion and hurdy gurdy (4)
Ben Fukcing Spees - keys and synths (6)
Trony Mowe - saxophone
Shayan Sya - vocals (1)
Mary White Campbell, Maggie Campbell, Derrek Wright, Eddie Campbell, Ben Fukcing Spees, Michelle Fowler Clark, Anastasia ThreeMoons Risley, Tiffany Mancillas, Stacey Hess, Rebecca Ghossein and Jared Stroeve - choir

You know how much I dislike having too many labels to describe Progressive Rock music right? Well one of my few concessions is the term Alt-Prog. It’s a term I use to classify bands that have a very alternative, contemporary sensibility but infuse their music with an undeniable Prog approach. Such is the case with the oddly named Portland, Oregon based power-trio, Bangbakc and the music they create on Lot Lizards. If I might generalize Alt-Prog is at times clamorous and often angst-ridden, and I mean that in a good way. The music goes through all the proper proggy moves, changing time, tempo and dynamics. Songs, as on Lot Lizards tend to be longer allowing for many musical change-ups, loads of angularity, a little dissonance and just a dash of dramatic introspection. You’ll experience all of what I’ve described on the opening track “The Theme to The Lot Lizards” [11:01].  And there’s even more to experience on the remaining six compositions including some absolutely grand melodic, anthemic riffs. Often times out of nowhere you’ll hear the strangest musical bits and pieces. Similarly the music often swivels from one distinctly rock-influenced segment into something completely different. It all makes for a very creative listening experience. It is music that is obviously influenced by the prog musical tradition, but bears little resemblance to anything you might have heard before. And I guess that’s a good thing, right?  This is actually the second album of a three-part story line and as I say makes for some intriguing listening. Well worth checking out. (Jerry Lucky)



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