Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Pneumatic Transit "Concerto For Double Moon"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Avant Prog
Format: digital
Release date: October 13, 2015
01. Colloquium (1:01)
02. Icarian Games (8:37)
03. Apparition of Rosalyn (6:49)
04. Benzedrine Cloud Burst (3:04)
05. An Atlas of Oceanic Coves (7:44)
06. Hypoxia (1:35)
07. The Meketrex Supplicant (2:29)
08. Enochian Dyskinesia (7:13)
09. Sparrow Sparrow (2:16)
10. Lioness (7:34)
11. Silent Waves of Sleeping Soothsayers (2:42)

Total time – 51:04

Jeffery Zampillo (Exotic Animal Petting Zoo) – Guitars, Mellotron, Devices
Michael Mirro (Umphrey’s McGee) – Drums
Waz Fox – Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Synth
Carl Coan – Saxophones, EWI
Michael Ferraro – Cello
Michael Shell – Drums (track 11)
Steven Radakovich – Bass (track 5)
Josh Hanchar – Bass (track 10)
Scott Certa – Bass (track 8)

... the short opening track Colloquium, a minute’s worth of free jazz sax wailing. Elsewhere we range from languid piano grooves, through ambient sequences, via searing sections of full on ur-rock noise. Often the spikiest moments are led by Jeffrey’s angry guitar moves, and using Apparition of Rosalyn as an example, where he is joined by furiously buzzing cellos and all manner of electronic jiggery-pokery, the piece soon turns into an avant-symphonic trip.
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