Friday, October 9, 2015

Antimatter "The Judas Table"

Country: UK
Genre(s) Atmospheric, Art Rock
LabelProphecy Productions
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release dateOctober 9, 2015 (EU), October 16, 2015 (NA)
1. Black Eyed Man
2. Killer
3. Comrades
4. Stillborn Empires
5. Little Piggy
6. Hole
7. Can of Worms
8. Integrity
9. The Judas Table
10. Goodbye

Mick Moss: vocals, guitars, ebows, keyboards, electric piano, programming
Ste Hughes:  bass
Liam Edwards:  drums, tabla
Rachel Brewster:  violins
Jenny O'Connor:  vocals
Kevin Dunn:  lead guitar
Glenn Bridge:  lead guitar
Dave Hall:  lead guitar
Kirayel:  vocals (5)

Throughout his life, Moss has repeatedly experienced disappointment on a personal level along with the self-doubt that goes with it. The deficiencies of human behaviour and social life have always been the proverbial red thread through his lyrics, but prior to "The Judas Table", a critical limit was exceeded for Moss. On Antimatter's sixth album, he accounts for different personal conflicts with an unusual, almost scientific poignancy and is harder on people from his immediate surroundings than ever, yet also on himself.
The liberating and empowering conceptual approach is also reflected in the music. "The Judas Table" just like "Leaving Eden" and "Fear Of A Unique Identity" is essentially appealing due to its intense blend of melancholic Art Rock, dark Gothic and introspective acoustic pieces, but as a whole seems less nervous and restless than earlier records. The new Antimatter record appears to be calm and attests to a so far unfamiliar inner peace, an equilibrium found - a hint at the fact that Moss might have overcome his torturing demons?
Black Eyed Man

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