Friday, October 16, 2015

Pseudo/Sentai "Bansheeface"

Country: USA
Sub GenreExperimental, Avant-Garde Progressive Rock/Metal
Release date: October 16, 2015
1. Quantum Cardboard (1:53)
2. Sleeping Closer to the Ground (3:41)
3. Terraformed Transcendence (4:26)
4. Immaculation (2:59)
5. Bansheeface (5:42)
6. Trap of Assassination (1:27)
7. Black Matter of Machinations (4:05)
8. Sleeping Closer (1:37)
9. The Holy Metamorphacity (6:13)
10. A Taste of Endangered (1:25)
11. Classic Tactics of Xenocide (4:12)
12. March of the Selkies (3:49)
13. Mound of Seed, Seed of Earth (2:36)

Scott Baker: Vocals, Soundcapes
Greg Murphy: Guitars, Orchestration, Programming, Soundscapes
Jeff Eber "The Herdsman" : Drums
Jon Ehlers "Arthropunch": Bass
Sawyer Schneider "Oak Sawblade": Guitars

There is a very distinct sense of artistry on Bansheeface that speaks to the brilliance behind the music. The audacity of these tracks is stunning. They bring in a Faith No More type weirdness alongsides Buckethead-esque guitar lines that feel off kilter and brilliant. The bass playing courtesy of Bangladeafy's John Ehlers (Who has rapidly become one of my favorite bassists in the world) is top notch too and helps to establish a stunning bottom end. Bring in the fact that dudes like the great Colin Marston were involved in this project and it becomes hard to deny that Pseudo/Sentai is avant garde metal brilliance for the twenty first century.
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Quantum Cardboard
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