Thursday, October 15, 2015

La Curva di Lesmo "La Curva di Lesmo"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelAMS Records
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateOctober 15, 2015
1. La Posa Dei Morti - 8:26
2. L'isola Delle Lacrime - 17:14
3. Ho Rischiato Di Vivere - 26:24
  • Ho Rischiato Di Vivere - Parte Prima
  • Ritratto Di Donna In Nero
  • Memoriale
  • Gargoyle
  • Ho Rischiato Di Vivere - Parte Seconda
Stefano Agnini (La Coscienza Di Zeno): keyboards
Fabio Zuffanti (Finisterre, Höstsonaten, La Maschera Di Cera): bass, effects
Beatrice Antolini: voice (1)
Gabriele Guidi Colombi (La Coscienza Di Zeno): bass (1)
Laura Marsano (La Maschera Di Cera / Zuffanti): acoustic and electric guitar
Andrea Orlando (La Coscienza Di Zeno / Finisterre): drums
Fabio Gremo (Il Tempio Delle Clessidre): classical guitar (2, 3)
Domenico Ingenito (La Coscienza Di Zeno): violin (2)
Loris Lombardo: percussion (2)
Max Manfredi: voice (2)
Edmondo Romano (Eris Pluvia): flutes (2)
Claudio Roncone: voice (2)
Luca Scherani (La Coscienza Di Zeno / Höstsonaten): accordion, strings arrangements  (2, 3)
Jenny Sorrenti (Saint Just): voice (2, 3)
Sylvia Trabucco (Höstsonaten): violin (2, 3)
Matteo Merli: voice (3)
Claudio Milano (Nickelodeon): voice (3)
Jutta Nienhaus Taylor (Analogy): recitative (3)
Boris Valle (Finisterre): piano (3)

The project's name is chosen by Agnini in homage to the first comic story (dating from 1965) in which it appears the character of Valentina by Guido Crepax. The comics of 50/60/70 years, maily surreal, gothic and horror, are one of the many passions that unites the two composers. The pretext of the character of Valentina by Crepax finds reference in the cover of the album that exploits some plates of the famous Italian cartoonist (already famous illustrator in 1972 of the "Nuda" album by Garybaldi). Agnini and Zuffanti and are big fans of the current most esoteric and mysterious of the progressive rock, both Italian and international, and the music that makes up the first album of the project is the natural extension of these passions.
 The record is composed of three long tracks (respectively 9, 17 and 26 minutes) from the atmosphere that often recall the Italian prog school of the seventies of bands as Opus Avantra, Balletto Di Bronzo, Semiramis, Cervello and others. But not only that, the album also has moments when emerge fragments of the Genoese school of songwriting (Fabrizio De Andrè) and electronic-vintage moods (those of obscure Italian groups of the Seventies asI Signori Della Galassia, Automat and others). 
The album is divided into a "female" part, with two pieces sang respectively by Beatrice Antolini and Jenny Sorrenti (with the assistance of Max Manfredi), and a "male" part with the voices of Matteo Merli and Claudio Milano. The first part is more adventurous and pushes the music of La Curva Di Lesmo toward folk, pop, electronic, symphonic, newprog moods, often unfamiliar to the two composers. The second part is more classical with a long progressive suite reminiscent of Zuffanti's works with La Maschera Di Cera.
La posa dei morti, parte prima


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