Saturday, October 31, 2015

Physick "Death Is Their Shepherd"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Pop/Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 31, 2015
1. Hi-Fruktose Noize Sserp (6:27)
2. Memento Mori (4:25)
3. Death Is Their Shepherd (1:54)
4. What You Will Find (1:54)
5. Fall Story (3:22)
6. Living Dead (3:07)
7. Cain's Lullaby (0:33)
8. We've Been Misled (5:15)
9. All I've Held Back (1:03)
10. Drones (3:25)
11. Before The Silver Tether Breaks (5:14)
12. The Wrong Man (4:24)
13. What It's Cost (1:58)
14. Precious In The Sight (3:08)
15. Requiem Shark (5:30)
16. Anamnesia (2:25)
17. Answer Me (4:26)
18. Death's Hand (2:16)
19. Goodspeed God's Fire (7:51)
20. Reflections (4:44)
21. Waltzing With Woland (7:16)

Total time 80:37

Phil Hodges-guitar, piano, bass, vocals
Michael Minkoff-drums, bass, guitar, vocals

Perhaps a fitting definition of the band would be a psychedelic jazz-rock orchestra.  The music is as eclectic as its inspirations, but these almost conflicting styles never crowd each other out or compromise the flow of the album.  As obtuse as it seems from the surface, DITS is a surprisingly easy listen.  The music is immersive and impeccably arranged.  Tracks like the opener, midpoint, and closer (“Hi-Fruktose Noize Sserp,” “Before the Silver Tether Breaks,” and “Waltzing with Woland,” respectively) layer rich textures together without becoming overbearing.  Complex tracks like the polyrhythmic “Requiem Shark” contrast the more straightforward approach of songs like “Memento Mori.”  The instrumental interludes are delicately spaced to create room for meditative moments.  The album’s second suite prominently features a choir, which elevates the whole album to grand heights.  Phil’s vocals rarely exceed a comfortable range, though it is befitting to the album the few instances when they do.  It takes a song or two to adapt to Physick’s dense and direct style of writing music and lyrics.  However, it begs for another listen by the time the door has closed on the album.
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