Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunpocrisy "Eyegasm Hallelujah"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Metal, Post Metal
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release dateNovember 1, 2015
1. Eyegasm (9:29)
2. Mausoleum Of The Almost (7:59)
3. Transmogrification (1:37)
4. Eternitarian (11:17)
5. Of Barbs And Barbules (1:54)
6. Kairos Through Aion (8:29)
7. Gravis Vociferatur (9:43)
8. Festive Garments (9:41)
9. Hallelujah! (10:24)

Total time 70:33

Matt Boner: Guitars & Art
Riccardo Fanara: Drums
Stefano Gritti: Synth & Live Visuals
Jonathan Panada : Guitars & Vocals
Marco Tabacchini: Guitars & Noise
Gabriele Zampieri: Bass & Vocals

It’s no secret that post metal elements blend in every genre out there, the contrast between metal aggressiveness and its minimalism/depth can be mesmerizing. Now, when you incorporate this concept into progressive metal with all its dynamics, it shines even further. Sunpocrisy clearly aimed to execute that approach and absolutely nailed it.  The album is long, concise, rich and multi layered, sacrificing the right amount of virtuosity for melody. Although it might sound a bit weird, but the most surprising aspect of this album is the enough space to breathe inside the songs! yes, breathe! excess can kill a song / album, too much aggressiveness and it becomes painful to listen, same goes with virtuosity and they’ve managed to dodge those bullets.The high point of this album are definitely the softer sections, balancing everything. the right amount of time to sink in, get lost inside the songs and absorb it all. (friwm.wordpress.com)

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