Friday, November 13, 2015

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Letters From The Labyrinth"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Symphonic, Neo-Classical, Prog Related, Rock
LabelUniversal Music
Format: CD, digital
Release date: November 13, 2015
1. Time & Distance (The Dash) (3:44)
2. Madness Of Men (4:11)
3. Prometheus (3:39)
4. Mountain Labyrinth (3:15)
5. King Rurik (3:11)
6. Prince Igor (3:04)
7. The Night Conceives (3:38)
8. Forget About The Blame (Sun Version) (4:15)
9. Not Dead Yet (3:28)
10. Past Tomorrow (3:22)
11. Stay (2:58)
12. Not The Same (3:41)
13. Who I Am (2:49)
14. Lullaby Night (2:44)
15. Forget About The Blame (Moon Version (Bonus Track)) [feat. Lzzy Hale] (4:16)
16. A Mad Russian's Christmas (Live) (3:58)

Total time 56:13

Paul O'Neill - Guitars
Jon Oliva - Keyboards, Guitar, Bass
Al Pitrelli - Lead, RhythmGuitars
Luci Butler - Keyboards
Chris Caffery - Guitars
Roddy Chong - Violin
Angus Clark - Guitars
Joe Hoekstra - Guitars
Mee Eun Kim - Keyboards
Vitalij Kuprij - Keyboards
Jane Mangini - Keyboards
Asha Mevlana - Violin
John Lee Middleton - Bass
John O. Reilly - Drums
Jeff Plate - Drums
Derek Wieland - Keyboards
David Zablidowsky - Bass
Dave Wittmann - Drum, Guitar and Bass inserts

Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals (3)
Adrienne Warren  - Vocals (11), Background Vocals (1)
Jenifer Cella - Vocals (10)
Kayla Reeves - Vocals (7, 12), Background Vocals (1)
Robin Borneman - Vocals (15)
Russell Allen - Vocals (9)
Lzzy Hale - Vocals (15)

Lucille Jacobs, Minni W. Leonard, Keith Jacobs - Background Vocals (8)
Danielle Sample, Erika Jerry, Chloe Lowery, Dari Mahnic, Bart Shatto, Andrew Ross, John Brink, Natalya Piette, Jodi Katz, James Lewis, Georgia Napolitano, Tim Hockenberry  - Background Vocals (13)
Danielle Sample, Chloe Lowery, Ava Davis, Andrew Ross, Chris Pinella, Rob Evan, Parker Cipes, Phillip Brandon, Dustin Brayley, April Berry, Autumn Guzzardi - Background Vocals (1)

Roddy Chong, Lowel Adams, Asha Mevlana, Nancy Chang, Lei Lui - Strings
Jon Tucker, Kenneth Brentley, Jay Coble, Ashby Wilkins - Horns

'Labyrinth' is TSO's first album of individual, unconnected songs, the 14-track set is knit together by the serious underpinning of the songs, whether it's the sweeping overview of humanity on 'Time & Distance', the concerns of world banking irregularities on 'Not Dead Yet', the anti-bullying message of 'Not The Same' (which O'Neill co-wrote with his daughter) or the learn-from-the-past studies of 'Prince Igor and 'King Rurik'. In some ways it's a straight ahead album, and in some ways it's not. It's blatantly out of the box more music-driven as opposed to story- and music-driven. The world is a mess right now, so 'Letters From the Labyrinth' examines some of the problems we're facing now. You can enjoy them as songs, but they're there to make you think.
Forget About The Blame (Moon Version) [feat. Lzzy Hale]

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