Friday, November 27, 2015

Standing Ovation "Gravity Beats Nuclear"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Label: Inverse Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: November 27, 2015
1. 23+23 (2:47)
2. Permafrost (4:09)
3. Killer, Iron (4:52)
4. Hellbillies (4:55)
5. Fool's Parade (10:08)
6. Lifeline (18:20)
7. The Great Attractor (7:03)
8. Run Little Mouse Run (4:15)
9. I Am (5:56)

Total Time 62:25

Jouni Partanen - Vocals
Johannes Kurvinen - Guitars
Samuli Federley - Guitars
Petri Eskola - Keyboards
Mikko Kymäläinen - Drums
Panu Nykänen - Bass

These progressive metallers do a great job of mixing and matching different styles of metal giving them plenty of room to toy with their sound, and giving them plenty of room to create a new sound each and every song. Nothing throughout Gravity Beats Nuclear sounds the same. There are no recycled riffs, no rehashed synths, and no overplayed themes.
At certain times during this release, Standing Ovation takes an almost theatrical approach to their music. The song in which it is most notable is Fool’s Parade as it almost unravels like a play right before your eyes. Fool’s Parade is a slower song that focuses more on the play of a dizzying piano than any other song does. More than that, the vocalist seems as though he’s singing in a broad way show as he belts out silky cleans on top of the already smooth musicianship.
On the other side of the progressive metal token, Standing Ovation gives you songs such as Hellbillies which is arguably the most entertaining songs on the entire album. Hellbillies shoots out of the gate with an electronic intro that quickly splits off into a bouncy, road kill frying boot stomping romp. This song is the heaviest on the album as it supplies you with plenty of quick little blast beats, almost death metal style riffing and directly in the middle of the song is an uncharacteristic death metal growl which is followed by something like a gremlin.
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