Friday, November 13, 2015

Malady "Malady"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Retro Prog
Label: Svart Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: November 13, 2015
1. Kantaa Taakan Maa (8:41)
2. Loittoneva Varjoni (2:31)
3. Pieniin Saariin (7:56)
4. Unessakavelija (7:27)
5. Aarnivalkea (10:19)
6. Kakarlampi (2:31)

Total time 39:25

Tony Björkman - guitar
Babak Issabeigloo - guitar, vocals
Juuso Jylhänlehto - drums
Ville Rohiola - Hammond, keyboards
Jonni Tanskanen - bass guitar

Malady plays 70’s style Finnish progressive rock. Their music is heavily influenced by Finnish bands such as Wigwam, Kalevala, Haikara and Nimbus to mention but a few. Even though the band are deeply into the retro aesthetic, and building the album with the right kind of sounds took plenty of effort, the music is not just about being vintage. The storytelling mood of the meandering songs is supported by an analog soundscape. Malady's music is, at the same time, subtle and substantial.
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