Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oresund Space Collective "Different Creatures"

Country: Denmark/Sweden
Sub Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
Format: CD, vinyl 
Release date: November 14, 2015
1. The Ride To Valhalla (19:35)
2. Juggle The Juice (3:48)
3. Digestive Raga (30:02)
4. The MAN From Wales (13:23)
5. Bon Voyage (6:11)
6. Raga For Jerry G (20:10)
7. 20 Steps Towards The Invisible Door (45:13)

Total time 138:22

Alex - Drums and Percussion
Dr Space - Analog Synthesizers
Hasse - Bass, DounDouns
Jonas - Hammond, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Guitar (4)
Jonathan - Guitar, Violin, Theremin, Hammond (4), Electric Mandolin
KG - Sitar and Analog Synths
Mattias - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Shaker
Mats – Guitar, Bass (2, 3, 5)

Different Creatures sees the collective venturing further into outer space through a chaotic, yet harmonious sprint on the opening “The Ride to Valhalla,” playing out a Gilmour-esque steel guitar to refine a bluesy edge on “Raga for Jerry G,” and diving into world/ethnic sounds on the transe-like “Bon Voyage.” So through these two albums, you hear that these guys are way beyond simply standing around. The music in fact, never ends, it constantly evolves, even as if a trackslist or set of song titles might denote something of more of a singular manner, separation and what not, everything is glued together, not by some arrangement or a compositional goal. Compelling with deep intrigue, Øresund Space Collective delivers a triumph of free form music to the ears.
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