Saturday, November 7, 2015

Becoming Elephants "Volume 1"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: November 7, 2015
1. Espionage (4:37)
2. Black Box (1:10)
3. Knights (5:18)
4. Pacifica (3:19)
5. The Heist (4:53)
6. Undulate (0:42)
7. Nebulous (3:28)
8. Tessellate (0:33)
9. Blue Tesla (4:38)
10. Milky Way Wishes (5:31)
11. Reprise (1:25)
12. Breeze (4:14)

Total time 39:48

Jameson Burton - Guitars, Tenor Saxophone
Logan Kennedy - Drums
Zack Parham - Bass Guitar
Brandon Toney - Guitars

The group does a great job of mixing rock and jazz elements, falling into prog rock in their own way. At times, you feel as if you’re dropped into an ethereal jazz riff, before a song gathers momentum and reaches new heights through the building bass line and beat.
Opening mysteriously, and then building with the first track, “Espionage,” the album answers with a softer piece, “Black Box.” This happens throughout, and the shorter songs that dapple the album, particularly “Undulate,” “Tessellate,” act as a chance to regroup, to lose yourself in the more subtle emotions of the songs. Those songs, in fact, do a good job of carrying out their title meaning.
Throughout, the album titillates between a laid-back vibe and one fraught with more energy. You’ll find yourself all-out dancing to the faster pieces – for me – “Pacifica,” “Nebulous,” and probably even the slightly chill, but up-beat song – “The Heist.”
Others will have you downright contemplating your mere existence. I couldn’t get over the hypnotic quality of “Milk Way Wishes,” plus – the sax in that song is so mesmerizing.
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