Thursday, April 10, 2014

Napokon "Borders Of Babylon"

Country: Hungary
Sub GenreArt Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
Release dateApril 10, 2014
  1. Revolutionist 06:43
  2. Socialist 06:57
  3. Politician 08:23
  4. Scanner 04:36
  5. Citizen 05:09
  6. Barbarian 10:48
Dániel Kacsóh: Vocals
Huba Ratkóczi: Guitar
Gábor Egri: Guitar
Péter Kolozsi: Bass
Zoltán Mózes: Drums

The band really feels at home in experimentation, and during its 10 years of existence it has developed an unmistakable, original sound - a kind of art-rock, in which the rise and
fall alternates within a quaint span. The many years together have resulted in an individual style, in which you can trace both the shades of psychedelic music of the 70's and the impact of today's music. The band members never cared about stylistic limitations, but were only interested in the music created with their own hands.

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