Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stork "Broken Pieces"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelMuso Entertainment
Release dateApril 29, 2014
1. Stork (4:06)
2. Pillow Person (3:59)
3. Bat (5:00)
4. Heretic (5:41)
5. Paper Angels (4:44)
6. Chainsaw Serenade (3:57)
7. Delusional (4:28)
8. Given Away (5:16)
9. Mine (6:10)
10. U (2:42)
11. Overflow (6:16)
12. How Old Are You (4:53)
13. Broken Pieces (3:17)

Shane Gibson - guitars, vocals (8)
Thomas Lang - drums
VK Lynne - vocals
Kelly LeMieux - bass

The album kicks off with ‘StOrk’ and instantly VK gets to show off her impressive vocal talents! It’s a catchy song with some great phrasing and as you would expect some impressive playing from all members of the band.
The second track, ‘Pillow Person’, has a slightly darker vibe to it and a tom groove from Thomas interspersed with some fast bass drum flurries. The interplay halfway through between the three instrumentalists is fantastic!
The next track is one of my favourites on the album, called ‘Bat’.
It features a really great guitar riff and the drums instantly reminded me of the first section of Thomas’ book/DVD combo ‘Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique’. I think it’s also one of the more ‘commercial sounding’ tracks on the album as well.
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Given Away
Chainsaw Serenade

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