Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sombre Holiday "An Hour Of Light"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Metal
Release dateApril 15, 2014
1. Night Falls 05:06
2. Transparence 04:56
3. The Dangers of Loving a Love Story 05:03
4. Death, My Friend 03:53
5. Night Surrounds 04:28
6. The Apology Progression 05:16
7. To Whom We Cry 04:45
8. The Commiseration of Souls 07:29
9. Inside the Incense Circle 04:48
10. Ascendance 07:10

Terry Friesen: Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Trevor Friesen: Drums, percussion
Isaac Friesen : Violin on "The Dangers of Loving a Love Story" and "Ascendance"

Founding members ... continue to traverse musical waters that stay true to the groups ‘Sombre Holiday’ namesake: Melancholic metal and hard rock not unlike mid-period Deliverance but merged with a strong slant towards Gothic influenced Saviour Machine progressiveness.  Further blend in swarthy and subdued doom-like moments that bring to mind Veni Domine (think Album Of Labour to 23:59 era) with melodic undertones hinting of Stryper and the upshot is the unique Sombre Holiday sound.
An Hour Of Light finds Sombre Holiday further refining and broadening its musical horizons.  Whereas Four Shadows reinforced a heightened progressive heading, An Hour Of Light builds upon said progressiveness - the groups trademark intricately woven and complex songwriting remains - while leaning towards a more brooding and contemplative direction.  This reveals itself in how Sombre Holiday makes wider use of acoustic guitar to place greater emphasis on its already renowned atmospheric elements.  The gist being a delectable intermingling of lighter moments with the heavier that serves to add another dimension to the already multifarious Sombre Holiday abilities.
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