Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hidden Forces Trio "Crows Are Council"

Country: Spain
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Experimental, Jazz, Fusion, Chamber
LabelKnockturne Records / Clamshell Records
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release dateApril 2014
1. Invocation – Crows are Council (11:15)
2. Chalybs (02:46)
3. El ejecutor (07:03)
4. Thimble Capp (06:54)
5. Gĉod (08:05)
6. Tender Fisting Blues (05:40)

Gustavo Domínguez: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet & Didgeridoo
Marco Serrato (Orthodox): Double Bass
Borja Díaz (Orthodox): Drums

An album where all their different experiences (from heavy metal to symphonic music, from street standards to free experimentation) collides connecting within themselves for then to start all over again. Because, in order to preserve something, it is necessary to go forward in circles but always looking backwards. Abstract searching (“Gĉod”) or unbridled rage (“Crows are Council”) always go hand in hand with keynotes and the right tempo (“Thimble Capp”, “Chalybs”), even if they are not to be played.
A record co-released by Knockturne Records and Clamshell which makes it clear that there is life beyond Orthodox, and where improvisation and structured dark chaos are created mixing elements from free jazz instrumentation with extractions from heavy metal and contemporary music.



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