Sunday, April 20, 2014

La Piramide Di Sangue “Sette”

Country: Italy
Sub GenrePsychedelic
LabelSound of Cobra/Boring Machines
Release dateApril 20, 2014
1. Baciati Dall'Acido (4:59)
2. Jetem (3:51)
3. Non È Mia È Di Dio (5:29)
4. Aperti Alle Sette (4:13)
Side B
5. Reggio Galassia (6:28)
6. Esoterica Porta Palazzo (5:34)
7. La Guerra Non Finirà (8:16)
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce - Clarinet, percussion
Jena El-Fnaa - Guitar, percussion
Dedalo 666 - Guitar
Ayatollah Kebab - Bass
Wal Maghreb - Bass, synth
Indaco Violento - Noise, feedback, loop, vocals, guitar
Il Nipote Di Mubarak - Drums, percussion

La Piramide Di Sangue  - "The bloody pyramid" - is a seven musician ensemble from Torino, Italy. The sound of the band is built on two guitars, two basses, one clarinet, one synth, several effects, drums and percussions.
There's a rich history in psychedelic music, and we all know it. The best trip is always the one yet to be embarked upon. And each trip is different from the one before. You can't jump into
the same lysergic river twice. Don't even try. Instead, prepare to be washed away by the sonic waves of „Sette“ - a sunbaked stoner trip for both the funky freshman and the psychedelic
veteran. The latter may find traces of Santana's „Caravanserai“ or Embryo's „Reise“ when listening - as well as some strong Spiritual Jazz vibes, resembling the Phill Musra Group and the likes. It's all there and much more.



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