Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anton Roolaart "The Plight Of Lady Oona"

Country: USA/Netherlands
Sub GenreSymphonic, Neo-Prog
Release date: April 24, 2014
  1. Gravity (7:04) 
  2. Stars Fall Down (5:24) 
  3. The Plight of Lady Oona (13:49) 
  4. Standing in the Rain (4:53) 
  5. Memoires (4:56) 
  6. The Revealing Light (8:18)
Anton Roolaart: Vocals, guitars, mandolin, keyboards, piano, bass (5), percussion, additional drum programming, arrangements
Vinnie Puryear: Bass
Rave Tesar: Additional piano/keyboard parts on 3 and various parts on other tracks, spoken voice on 6
Kendall Scott: Piano, synth solo on 1, keyboards on 3
Pieter van Hoorn: Drums on 1, 2, 4, 6
Michael Frasche: Drums on 3
Annie Haslam: Special guest vocalist on 3

You are immediately drawn into Anton’s lush cinemascapes and soundscapes with the brilliant Gravity, gentle, lush instrumentation accompanied by a plaintive vocal infuses the music with a sci-fi feeling, future music if you like. The relaxed yet uplifting tempo is central to the pathos of the track, it is atmospheric with the textured keyboards central to everything. There are hints of 70’s progressive rock in the slow, measured moog solo but, to these ears, it is a song that is set in the stars and the emptiness of space.
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