Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conqueror "Stems"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release date: April 17, 2014
1) Gina
2) Di notte
3) False Idee
4) Un'altra realtà
5) Sole al buio
6) C'est la vie
7) Sigurtà
8) Echi di verità

Simona Rigano: vocals & keyboards
Ture Pagano: guitar
Peppe Papa: bass
Natale Russo: drums

4 years separate the last studio album from the new Conqueror release, entitled "STEMS". Years of important changes within the formation, which returned to a less orchestral line up than in the past, concentrating on the original form of the very first band. In compliance with the novelties, we still find the points on which the band's music has always been based: the self-imposed guildelines "no ready-made rules" and "keep changing constantly the compositional approach".
The new album contains eight tracks for a total of over 60 minutes of music. Each song is a glimpse thought from everyday life. The trait d'union of all the songs tells how the passage of time changes the vision of reality undergoing constant change, thus requiring a different way of dealing with situations and relating to them. To relive images in the memory, after visiting places that in the tranquility of the memory will remain forever shrouded in their beauty; to rethink the value of small gestures, which are becoming more meaningful over time and are revived with the nostalgia of those who still seeks in the present.

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