Friday, April 25, 2014

Presto Vivace "Periferia Vital"

Country: Argentina
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date: April 25, 2014
1. Cada Emoción (8:12)
2. Corazones Iluminando (6:26)
3. Constructoras de Primaveras (5:53)
4. Tres Niños (6:57)
5. Tomado de tu Mano (6:39)
6. Azul O Rojo (8:11)

Gabriel Chaperon -  voice
Pablo Hernan - guitars
Marcelo Perez Schneider - bass & keyboards
Federico Mele - drums

It's one of those rare prog metal gems that don't abuse the "metal" part of their monicker without losing any of their edge.
That's not to say it lacks distortion: far from it. It doesn't even include atypical instruments: just the four classic rock instruments with a singer. But the arrangement variation is so rich, especially on the bass section that - without trying to undermine the work of the other instrumentalists - this is an album that every prog metal bass player should listen. This should be no surprise, since both lyrics and music are credited to bassist Marcelo Pérez Schneider, who also handles the keyboards.
On that note, I should also highlight the poetry contained within the lyrics. A lot of prog metal is based around complex, grandiose stories, and in most cases it's OK, but nothing more. There's none of that here, every track takes on a different theme with very rich metaphors. I don't usually mention the words in my reviews because the music frequently takes all the praise (or the critique). Unfortunately, those that don't have a good grasp of Spanish will miss out on this, which is a shame. 
Read the full review by Diego Crescini at dprp.net

Cada Emoción
Azul o Rojo


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