Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Astra "Broken Balance"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelScarlet Records
Release dateApril 14, 2014
1. Losing My Ego
2. Hole in the Silence
3. Sunrise to Sunset
4. Too Late
5. Broken Balance
6. Faithless
7. Mirror of Your Soul
8. Risk and Dare
9. Break Me Down
10. Understand
11. Ending Season
12. You Make Me Better

Andrea Casali - Vocals & Bass (No Gravity)
Silvio D'onorio De Meo - Lead Guitars
Emanuele Casali - Rythm Guitars & Keyboards (DGM, ex-Empyrios)
Filippo Berlini - Drums (ex-Changing Sunrise, ex-Dynamic Lights)

What makes Astra as astral as its name suggests is an exemplary talent for making prog metal rock. The genre usually gets its goods from mileage, but Astra takes flight on the first song and never touches ground again. Of course there is a growing curve for some of the songs, yet you wouldn’t be able to tell from “Over The Hills” on From Within or the first four tracks present here. “Losing My Ego” is a sprawling, powerized prog assault delivering punch after punch, catchy chorus included. No shortage of any of that either on the dreamy “Hole In The Silence”, dreamier “From Sunrise To Sunset”, and kick-ass “Too Late” (“Too Late! Too Late!”).
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Too Late


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