Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Super Massive Black Holes "Calculations of the Ancients"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreProgressive/Avant/Jazz/Death Metal
Label: Minotauro Records
Release dateApril 29, 2014
  1. (Sub-molecular) Transmogrification of the Oriphy 03:56
  2. Dyatlov Pass Incident 05:13
  3. ∞÷µ 00:40
  4. Distance to the Great Attractor 05:15
  5. Holographic Principle 03:41
  6. Mathematics of Emotion 03:00
  7. Refracted Kaleidoscopic Photons 03:16
  8. Ghosts of Bhopal 06:34
  9. Lift the Veils 03:29
Jake Reimer - Guitars/Vocals
Denver Bergreen - Guitars
Tristan Peterson - Bass/Vocals
Clay Steadman - Drums

SMBH brand themselves as ‘progressive death metal’, though that’s a far too limiting label, since over the course of the album, they showcase a hugely diverse array of genres and influences on their creative palate. Although they have a distinctly avant-garde feel to their music, with elements of jazz, blues, folk, space rock, djent and way more, the songs aren’t lost in pretense or over-ambitiousness; they just rock, and do it well. The album has a total ‘fuck yeah!’ quality to it, packed with thrashy percussion, triumphant and kick-ass riffs, and even a vocalist that sounds as if Jamey Jasta fronted a techdeath band. The technical skill on display is remarkable, well-rehearsed, and though a little sloppy, each musician shares great chemistry and each brings one their own influences to the record.
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