Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rich Gordon "Progstrumetal: The Annals of 2014"

Country: UK
Sub Genre Instrumental, Progressive Rock
Label: self-released
Release dateApril 26, 2014
  1. Vulcan - 04:49 
  2. The Soul's Obituary - 05:24 
  3. Red Tree - 04:38 
  4. Whistle - 05:32 
  5. The Observer - 06:01 
  6. Gone - 05:30 
  7. Rumour Has It - 04:33 
  8. Second Wind - 04:39 
  9. Paddy Be Forever Easy - 02:19 
  10. Little Edinburgh - 05:10 
Rich Gordon: Everything, except drums on "Rumour Has It"
Niall Hutchison: drums on "Rumour Has It"

‘Progstrumetal: The Annals of 2014’ ... speaks of a musician who has matured, and who wants to share what those three or four years have given to him... Ten tracks – the album is only 48.41 minutes in length.  And again, Gordon’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist are to be heard. .. ‘Progstrumetal’ overall is fresh; it doesn’t outstay its welcome; it doesn’t show off (needlessly); it doesn’t get self-indulgent.  It’s short, sharp, sometimes bitter and sweet, like a fine cocktail.  And, like all good cocktails, it is over too soon and lingers in the right way.
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