Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At Radogost's Gates "Reflection Of A Lunar Eclipse In The Stained Mirror Of Time"

Country: Serbia
Sub GenreProgressive Black/Death Metal
LabelHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
Release dateApril 22, 2014
  1. Beneath Ceaseless Skies 05:38
  2. Reflection Of A Lunar Eclipse In The Stained Mirror Of Time 03:50
  3. Dreams That Swallowed The Sun 04:50
  4. A Path In The Dust 03:37
  5. In Hourglass Shaped Hands 05:01
  6. Above The Earth 03:23
  7. Under The Trees In Darkness And Roots 03:28
  8. Cleansed By Funeral Pyres 03:35
  9. The Sound Of Endearing Silence 04:25
  10. Behold, My Body Torn Apart By Carrion Birds... Shredded To Pieces, Carried Across The Earth, Now I Can Finally Call Myself Free 04:09
Nikša Gospić - Vocals (lead & back), Guitars, Bass
Alen Habek - Vocals (backing), lead vocals on"The sound of Endearing Silence"

At Radogost's Gates make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the epic concept album "Reflection Of A Lunar Eclipse In The Stained Mirror Of Time". Radogost is a Slavic God and warrior, armed with all possible weapons, guardian of the legendary town with the same name. This album is a search for lost sanity, full of misanthropy and paganism, destroying the walls between reality and dreams. “It takes only a one step journey to begin, and all that came before is rooted in the Earth, the tie that binds, crumbling pages of an old tome”. 



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