Friday, April 18, 2014

The Spacelords "Synapse"

Country: Germany
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock
Release dateApril 18, 2014
  1. Synapse (08:41)
  2. Sitarguitar (12:02)
  3. No 2 (09:29)
  4. Pyroclastic Monster (11:04)
Marcus Schnitzler: Drums, Voice
Klaus Werz: Bass, Synthesizers, Fx
Hazi: Guitars, Fx

The title track opens the set and in the first moments sounds like it might be a Hawkwind Assault & Battery cover. The music does indeed flow with that kind of vibe. It’s dreamy drifty Space Rock, with melodic guitar, deep space symphonic and soundscape synths, and bits of freaky electronic effects. Later the music transitions to heavier Space-Prog rocking mode that carries us through to the end. Sitarguitar kicks off in a similar style, jamming along in dreamy Hawkwind friendly spaceland. Again I’m reminded of Assault & Battery, specifically the feel of Assault & Battery/Golden Void from Hawkwind’s Palace Springs. At 12 minutes it’s the longest track but pretty much stays in the same groove, though like the last track it gets more chunky rocking in the last minutes. I would have liked to hear more transitions. In fact, I think this music is screaming out for a vocalist.
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