Monday, April 14, 2014

The Burden Remains "Fragments"

Country: Switzerland
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Thrash
Label: Irascible (Swi), Czar Of Bullets (DE/AU/US)
Release dateApril 14, 2014 (Swi), May 2, 2014 (DE/AU/US)
1. ...And I Beheld the Strings 04:25
2. Among the Shards 04:28
3. A Thousand Lives 04:54
4. Keep to the Script 08:46
5. Wander the Desert 05:37
6. Horror Vacui 05:13
7. I, Stillborn 05:28
8. Govern the Sleepers 05:06

Tommy Schweizer - Vocals, Bass
Silvan Mangold - Drums, Percussion
Thomas Jenny - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Philippe Aebischer - Guitars, Backing Vocals

'Fragments' is an album lyrically divided in four acts as a human protagonist contemplates his individuality, spirals towards isolation, collapses along with his world view, and finally capitulates under the weight of these revelations.
Musically the band is making a stand between the modern elements of its debut album «Downfall Of Man» (2011) and the spontaneous approach on the «The Bikini Blues-Sessions»-EP (2012). 

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